January 5, 2022

Hellcase Promo Code CSGOCASE  – Activate Code Now And Get Up To $0.70 For Free

Hellcase Bonuses and Promo Code

Agree that you came here just to get hints for the best promo codes for your use of Hellcase. No judgement, lots of services support such type of a marketing ploy – bonuses, promo codes, giveaways. Hellcase CS:GO case opening site is not an exception. Use our working Hellcase promo code CSGOCASE that will award you with free money to spend on skins and cases. Ready? Steady, Go!

Upon opening the Hellcase official website, you will quickly encounter a button Daily Free at the top. By clicking it, you will see a popup that, in turn, offers you to use a promo code START. It is an exclusive deal for new users with which they may receive the CS:GO item or a free case. It serves as the introduction to their site. But, do not forget that you will need to log in using your Steam account.

Hellcase bonuses

What about oldies? By being the existing user of Hellcase, the Daily Free gifts are also available. You will need to open this area again and discover the skins eligible to receive. For instance, you may receive anything from Classified, Covert, Balance, Milspec, or Restricted skins. 

The requirements stand for being 18 years old or higher. You have to add an avatar from the offered list and add a nickname. Besides, you have to previously top up your account with at least $5. Note, your Steam account should be with level 2 or higher. You have to possess a minimum of 12 hours of CS or 12 hours for Dota experience. And, your account should be set to public.

Then, users may sign up for the Gleam giveaways. Users who accomplish the activities outlined in the giveaway are eligible for giveaway entries. Each entry raises your probability of leading the contest. The more you gather, the more enhanced your probability of getting the greatest skins!

When even Giveaway is not enough for you (like for us), there are many Event Rewards too. It is a feature that rewards users with various gifts (event tokens, balance, skins, and cases) for replenishing their balance for a specific amount during an event. By hovering over reward goodies, you may see examples of offerings. After being rewarded, you visit the store area where you may buy anything using the tokens you have previously accumulated. It includes bonus balance, their regular cases, premium status time, top tier PC games, and skins that you may withdraw immediately.

Hellcase CS:GO Features

The number of features with Hellcase CS:GO case opening site pretty much coincides with its counterparts like Farmskins, and Skin.Club. Yet, it does not mean that you should not log in with Hellcase, especially because this site has a Wheel feature. Moreover, by now, Hellcase has 201M of cases opened, 19M upgrades made, and 2M contracts signed with them. It already inspires confidence and worthiness. 

Case Opening

case opening hellcase

With CS: GO Hellcase, there are not only standard cases but multicases too. A multicase is a sort of case in which the skins you receive are entirely dependent on you. It is made up of cells that open one by one as you click them, exposing one of the case’s skins. There are three types:

  • Single – You may expose one cell that contains one skin and discover what additional cells offered;
  • Multiple – You can disclose as many cells as you like, and you will receive a skin for each cell clicked;
  • Random – You can expose one randomized cell.

The cases available to open all range in prices – like from $1 to cases worth hundreds of dollars.

For instance, Dragon Case at $1.19. With it, you can find PP Bizon, FAMAS, UMP-45, etc. From multicases – Contraband at $51.50. With it, you can find M9 Bayonet, Karambit, Talon Knife, etc.

Upgrade Skins

upgrader hellcase

The upgrade feature is some kind of a mini-game. It allows you to use skins as well as some of your balance to generate a specific skin that you desire. If you utilize enough cash and skins, you may increase your probability of acquiring the skin you desire by 100%.

For instance, upgrade P2000, CZ75-Auto, Sticker to more high-in-value skins. You may set up the multiplier up to 10x.


It is another game that allows you to make use of undesired skins. This game is similar to the upgrader, except it is more randomized and you cannot utilize your balance. You can exchange three to ten skins for a single more valued skin.

Case Battle

case case battle

Case fight pits you against another user of Hellcase in a one-on-one mini-game. Both users should open identical sets of cases to proceed with the battle. The individual who opens their cases with the highest total value gains the lead and obtains all of the stuff that dropped from both users’ cases.


Finally, Hellcase CS:GOskins legit site features a Wheel. The reward wheel is a restricted feature that is only available during certain events and allows you to utilize tokens to acquire premium skins. Compete against other users to get the best rewards. In simple terms, the wheel allows users to compete with skin against other users. Each person’s skin is put to the wheel, which is spun every 10 minutes. The fortunate soul is whoever’s item the wheel falls on, and that person collects everyone’s wagers.

Hellcase Withdrawals and Deposits

Now, let’s speak of the payment methods available with Hellcase. Similar to its counterparts, you won’t lack options. You may use cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, among others. It also accepts G2A pay and Oplata.info, which means you may use Qiwi and WebMoney.

Finally, you may contribute to your balance by purchasing CS:GO skins, however, this is done through ShadowPay rather than Steam. Do refer here if you have questions about Chinese payment systems accepted.

Is Hellcase Legit & Safe?

To tell the truth, we personally did not come across any suspicious actions from the Hellcase side. We were delighted to see so many cases opened, and upgrades made. Then, we encountered positive feedback about the site. We can surely say that Hellcase belongs to the category of best CS:GO case opening sites in 2022.

Contact & Hellcase Support

Looking ahead to address your inquiry, or face some issues while using the site? No worries! First off, we would like to recommend you to visit their really detailed FAQs page. You will find out more about their features, payments, and error-solutions. If not with FAQs, you can find live chat support where responses are sent 24/7. When overlooking others’ feedback about this site, we learnt that they have support employees in both English and French, and you can usually expect to receive assistance within 12 hours. We waited a few seconds only by referring to the live chat. So, if in a hurry, do not use an email.

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